Map Orienteering Events

Treasure Hunts, Orienteering &
Puzzle Solving Races

For Kids & Adults Too!

We organize a wide range of fun outdoor events throughout the year. Many of our races are orienteering in style - individuals receive a map and must locate six to ten locations as fast as possible. Some races are set up for teams, such as really large scale orienteering events and puzzle hunts.

Danville Adventure Races

Muirwood Community Park Puzzle Hunt

Find the hidden container at the location pictured here. Open the container, take one puzzle, then seal the container tightly and carefully place it exactly as it was found.

The team solves the puzzle and is directed to a URL here on as written on the puzzle paper. They enter the answer and, when it's correct, a picture will be revealed showing where to pick up the next puzzle. After the 5th puzzle is solved, the adventure is complete!