Map Orienteering Events

Treasure Hunts, Orienteering &
Puzzle Solving Races

For Kids & Adults Too!

We organize a wide range of fun outdoor events throughout the year. Many of our races are orienteering in style - individuals receive a map and must locate six to ten locations as fast as possible. Some races are set up for teams, such as really large scale orienteering events and puzzle hunts.

Danville Adventure Races


Where are the events held?

The races are held at various neighborhoods and parks in the Danville and San Ramon area. Most event course are designed to avoid highways and busy streets, and when possible, try to route participants onto trails, into parks, etc. Safety is always a top concern.

Who are the organizers?

The main organizer is David Alyea, who created the Park Challenge in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, as featured on Nickelodeon TV in a promotional video. David is also the creator of BANG, the Bay Area Night Game, which had more than 40 nighttime puzzle hunts run over a 10 year stretch. Along with family, friends, and volunteers from the Quail Gardens and surrounding neighborhoods, this is the team that organizes and produces these events.

What is an orienteering event

This is where all of these races began. Kids competed solo in these races, given a map with 6 to 10 locations marked by red dots that they had to locate in local neighborhoods. The kids had to retrieve one item from a hidden box at each location, and the fastest to find all the boxes and return to the start was the winner. These were popular in Spring 2023 and led to more and more events. The idea for these races was to improve kids' map reading skills and navigation abilities, similar to the orienteering event format, as well as to geocaching, which has been popular for many years.